Cosimo Suglia (1995, Luxembourg) is currently in his first semester of his Master in Luxembourgish Studies, after having graduated a Bachelor in English Literature and Linguistics, both at the University of Luxembourg. He recently took third place in the 2020 Prix Laurence with his text ‘Twenty Modern Fables’. Cosimo hopes to bring with his writing a smile to children and adults alike…


2019: ‘The Catking’ in les cahiers luxembourgeois.
2019: ‘De Café um Bock’ at Prix Laurence.
2020: ‘Beyond the Graveyard’ published by Black Fountain Press.
2020: ‘Splash’ by University of Luxembourg and Language Center. 2nd Place.
2020: ‘Twenty Modern Fables’ at Prix Laurence. 3rd Place.
2020: ‘The Little Girl That Knew Best’ in les cahiers luxembourgeois.
2020: Wrote two verses for ‘Letzter Tag’, a re-imagined, collective Poem, in woxx


2020: d’Bicher Mouk – A Blog where I write in Luxembourgish about several topics like: literature theory, luxembourgish mythology, and also do book reviews!


2019: ‘De Café um Bock’. Live reading. Prix Laurence Final 2019. 
2020: ‘Beyond the Graveyard’. Online Reading. #LiteraturLiwwererOnline. 
2020: Interview about #LiteratureLiwwererOnline. RTL Today. 10th of April 2020. 
2020: Interview about my short story ‘Beyond the Graveyard’. Literatur vu Jonker: “Young Voices”. Radio 100,7. 18th of June 2020. 
2020: Official Statement of Bettembourg Commune about Prix Laurence. 7th September 2020. 
2020: ‘Les lauréats du Prix Laurence‘. Wort. 26th of September 2020.
2020: Interview about my NaNoWriMo experience. Written by Maxime Weber. woxx. 24th December 2020.