Hey, welcome to my homepage! You will find various things on this website: my published creative work, my personal blog, my media presence, and lastly, my academic portfolio that currently consists of a summary of my undergraduate education (finished 2020), and will also surely include my upcoming postgraduate achievements!


Born in Luxembourg in 1995, as a second-generation Italian, Cosimo encountered several languages since his childhood, but none of them were as peculiar as English to him. He developed a great fondness for the language, which, ultimately, brought him to study English Literature at the University of Luxembourg (2017), and successfully graduate his undergraduate degree (2020). Inspired by video games and graphic novels, such as Hellboy, and authors such as Neil Gaiman and Diana Wynne Jones, eventually inspired him to start writing seriously two years ago. He took third place in the 2020 Prix Laurence with his text ‘The Modern Fables’, his short-story ‘The Catking’ was published in les cahiers luxembourgeois, and his short-story ‘Beyond the Graveyard’ received honourable mention in the young voices contest organized by Black Fountain Press. Cosimo hopes to bring with his stories a smile to children and adults alike.


2019 • ‘The Catking’ • les cahier luxembourgeois

“Nevertheless, Catkings can and do not simply look like cute cats. They have to be able to reign. And, of course, for royalty the appearance is of utmost importance. As such, my cat transformed. He grew in size and overshadowed the coffee table, prowling around like a black puma. His majestic and slick stature amplified. He indeed became the new king. His green eye gleamed through the darkness, and his scarred one opened showing a grey pupil. His gaze fixed mine.”

2020 • ‘De Café um Bock’ • Prix Laurence

“It is human’s nature to yearn for the unnatural. A voice lured him to unknown parts of the old city. His feet enchanted, his ears hooked to the bait of music. He forgot the parking ticket and his tiredness and the uncomfortable tie around his neck, at that moment pain was secondary. De Café um Bock greeted the lost traveller.”

(Finalist in the 2019 Prix Laurence)

2020 • ‘Beyond the Graveyard’ Black Fountain Press

“Two cats – one as white as the clouds on a midsummer day, the other as black as the darkest charcoal after a furious forest fire – were proudly resting on a grave. It was a fairly regular grave: it had a granite, standing tombstone, which was rectangular with rounded corners and a stanza of a beautiful poem. Probably Yeats – Matthew thought – but only because it was the only poet he knew besides Dr Seuss.”

(Honourable mention in the Black Fountain Press ‘Young Voices’ contest)

2020 • ‘Splash’ University of Luxembourg and Language Center

“It was, after all, a global agreement between frogs, toads, amphibians, and even the occasional reptile; the crunch and taste of butterflies were far superior to any other insect. What bothered most of them, however, was the difficulty in which the butterflies were caught. “

(2nd place at the contest. You can read the full story here: click!)

2020 • ‘Twenty Modern Fables’ Prix Laurence Third Place

Ten-He is know by everyone as being strong, but the ox wants to be vulnerable instead
Eleven—It is quite difficult to chew, especially so with a missing upper jaw, the rhinoceros realizes.
Twelve—The penguin ponders where he left pieces of his home, daily; he must suffer from amnesia.
Thirteen—To avoid of being taken by the horns is the bull’s task, because he knows of the impaling danger of human entertainment.”

(You can read the full text here: click )