On graduating

I’ve graduated. Finished my Bachelor in European Studies with a specialization in English. I never thought I would one day be in that scenario. Why? Well, I did repeat a year in primary school and two in high school. In those times I was lazy, anxious and depressed, confused most of the times. I thought school wasn’t something for me, and in a way that was true. School went to fast for me. I couldn’t catch up to other people. It was only in 12th grade that I understood what that meant: I had to take my own time, and taking my own time meant good organisation. I’ve learned that I have to start much earlier to others when it comes to studying; if a week was plenty for some, I had to have two or three weeks to fully understand the material, and even so I would get an OK grade; nothing spectacular, average. I also learned that active participation made understanding the material easy. Engagement with subjects allows profound internalization. By applying these things, I was able to eventually graduate high school.

Then came University; a new slate, a new playing field. I did something (maybe the only thing) in which I truly excelled. English was not only my favourite subject, but the one subject I actually got above average grades. So my decision was quick; English it is. And I made it. So here I am, graduated from my undegrad program. A boy that was about to become a butcher. A boy that failed three years. So, if I can make it, you can too. Most high school systems are unfair, and never allow people to strive. University though is an amazing medium to strive (obviously, if you choose to do what you truly love, if University and studying isn’t what you love, don’t do it. I firmly believe in following what ever you heart desires, unconditionally, passion always wins). It taught me how to critically think, how to read, how to analyse, and how to apply skills in a interdisciplinary approach; a leading string woven into various fabrics making one bright and colorful sweater one can wear. I taught me how to learn and also how to teach. This is where I will transition to a new news:

I got accepted into the Master program “Master en Enseignement Secondaire – Langue et Litterature Luxemburgeoise” (Master in Secondary Teaching – Luxembourgish Linguistics and Literature). Yep, I choose to become a teacher in the very system that had failed me several times. Is this an act of rebellion? Maybe. I don’t want children to go through what I went through. I want to give them chances, and be influential, and aid them to flourish. I want to be like the teacher I had in high school in my two last years (12th / 13th grade). Supportive and a guide. So yes, this might be rebellion, but maybe I just hope to better the system? I don’t know yet if I’ll be able to do this, or even how, but I feel like this is the right choice.

In addition, I choose to become a teacher in a field where I’m not so well versed as in English Studies. Again, why you might ask? Challenge. I want to show that the skills I acquired the last three years, the skills that made me improve drastically, will allow me to go through things that are unknown to me, and that with confidence. Be that as it may, I know I will struggle (as I always do), and I know it will take me more time than others, probably, and I know it will have to work hard, and I know there will be stones blocking my path, but I don’t care. I will probably overcome these things, as I always do, as I always did.

So yeah, I graduated, and will do so again.

See ya,


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