On becoming third

Hello everybody,

as some of you may or may not know, this weekend (20th of September 2020) I took part in the Luxembourgish literary contest Prix Laurence aimed towards “young writers” (whatever that means). I tried something new; I wrote ‘fables’ with only one sentence, and all of them had to include a twist. Some of them were popular English idioms which I repurposed into witty (and socially critical) pieces.

I have to say my experiment succeeded; I was able to perform it pleasantly, and I got some ‘ooohhhhsss’ from the audience: a first. I then got awarded third place with said text. I am quite happy how it turned out. A lot of the other contestants had amazing texts that were up to par with mine, if not spectacularly better. There is talent in Luxembourg, and I am so pleased that I am slowly but surely creeping up from the underground and into the ears of the population. One day, maybe, I could have a name in this tiny country of mine.

That’s all.

Cheers and I love you all,


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