Find in this thread useful links to Youtube channels, websites, books, and essays about the craft of writing. Please bare in mind, this list has been compiled with content I personally have consumed. If you think I should add something specific, write me! 

//Video and Channels

Video Description
Brandon Sanderson is perhaps one of the biggest, contemporary fantasy writers (known for his Mistborn-Series). On his channel, you will find a complete playlist of recorded lectures he held at universities.
This channel focuses on screenwriting and screenplay. It deconstructs snippets of movies, and illustrates their complexity.
Similar to Behind the Curtain.
While Tyler Mowery does something similar to Behind the Curtain, he also gives tips and tricks on how to write more.
Thomas Flight’s “Video Essays” illustrate the complexity of movies and their writing – which should be helpful for upcoming writers!
Not for creative writing per se, Extra Credits focuses on writing fro video games, while also having a whole lot of videos about history. However, their analysis and instructions on building stories, might be helpful for any writer.
A mix of Video Essays deconstructing comics, video games, series, anime, while also having videos about the craft of creative writing.
With the clever use of movies, Just Write invites any writer to have a closer look at the art of writing a scenario.
As the name already suggests, Trope Anatomy illustrates the complexity of tropes, and how to apply them usefully!
The Closer Look takes, as the name suggests, a closer look at writing, focused on screenplay.


Books Description
Stephen King: On Writing (A Memoir of the Craft)
King talks in this book about his routine as a writer, and which personal rules he established, which ultimately made him become the writer he is today.
Jeff VanderMeer: Wonderbook
This book by Annihilation-author Jeff VanderMeer is probably the best book about the craft of speculative fiction, and creative writing in general. Not only does it have detailed chapters, but it features essays by other famous authors, exercises, prompts, and self-reflective  tools!
John Truby: The Anatomy of Story
Truby takes an almost narratology-based approach in this book, and illustrates (with graphics) the way a story can be told – it focuses on the structure of a story.
William Strunk Jr.: The Elemnts of Style
This little handy book does not focus necessarily on creative writing, but is a useful tool of style, for the English writer.


Essays Description
Joan Didion: ‘On Keeping a Notebook’.
Joan Didion, besides being a wonderful writer – creatively or journalistic – explains in this essay the importance of a notebook.
Joan Didion: ‘Why I Write’.
I think the title explains it all – personal motivation on why she writes.
George Orwell: ‘Why I Write’.           
The motivation of probably on of the most important authors to this day.
Kurt Vonnegut: ‘How to Write With Style’.
Who doesn’t want to write as funny and quirky as Kurt Vonnegut? This essay explains Vonnegut’s approach to style.


Websites Description
NaNoWriMo is a challenge: Each November, people are invited to write a 50k novel in a months. Tools, resources, and peer-groups are at hand. A must for any new writer.
Besides their book reviews, essays, and interviews; Literary Hub has a whole section dedicated to the craft of writing.
Writer’s Digest is filled with useful tips and tricks, that could help new writers.
The Paris Review has a variety of articles about the craft – their Art of Fiction-series illustrates the thought process of popular writers.
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