On this page you will find some of my academic work I have done throughout my undergraduate study, which you can download and read! These works are either: works that have impacted me and my academic career, or pieces that have simply been graded highly. Essentially, these works are – in some way personally – formative pieces.


The following paper is the final concluding reflection paper of a translation project done for the class Luxembourgish Literatures in English. The class talked about the newly emerging usage of English as a literary language in Luxembourg. One of the assignments was to translate a text by a Luxembourgish author (texts were in German, French, or Luxembourgish) and to record the process. This led to an interesting voyage into the realm of translation, and illustrated various concepts and even hardships a translator has to go through. While I cannot make available the actual translation, I can nonetheless post my reflection, which was graded fairly high (19/20). This class was my first stepping stone into what ultimately led to my final bachelor thesis!


This essay entitled: Cigarettes: A Symbol of Freedom or Death? The Impact of Cigaretten in Movies on the Audience was written in the context of the ‘Ringvorlesung’ called Gesundheit als Metapher. This course had no fixed professor; every week a new lecturer of various fields would hold lectures related to the concept of health as a metaphor. This essay resulted as an amalgamation of many of these lectures. I analysed the symbolic and metaphorical features of the cigarette in movies, juxtaposed with statistical data, Lacanian psychoanalysis, and Batty Weber’s (Luxembourgish author) definition of the cigarette as ‘sublime’.


This paper was a formative moment in my academic career. Not only do I investigate a field that is completely out of my comfort zone – that of linguistics, and more specific that of artificial languages – but I also completely write it in German, while my research is mostly in English. I proved to myself, that with hard work and sturdiness I could also perform academically in a language I felt uncomfortable. While I thought I only improved my English, I learned that my German had also grown since highschool! This paper was written for the course Vergleichende Sprachwissenschaften: a comparative lecture on the ways various linguistic fields interact or differ.


This is the culmination of my entire three years in the Bachelor en Cultures Européennes – English Studies. A thesis that encompasses the academic English I acquired, the logical and structural thinking I have learned, the hours upon hours of personal research in either English literature, or German / Luxembourgish literature, which I subsequently tried to interweave with a precise analytical framework I have established through the prevailing discourse of my topic (satire, especially in Luxembourg), as to ultimately illustrate a critical analysis of Guy Rewenig’s Your Heart of Ice Is Hot As Vice and the satirical portrayal of Luxembourg within the book. This thesis has become a steady companion in the times of a pandemic, and ultimately an advisor to my future professional career, showing me the strengths I had, but also the weaknesses I have to fix and polish. And I want to say here thanks to my advisor Jeanne E. Glesener that helped me with continuous feedback, input, and her expertise!

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