On becoming third

Hello everybody, as some of you may or may not know, this weekend (20th of September 2020) I took part in the Luxembourgish literary contest Prix Laurence aimed towards “young writers” (whatever that means). I tried something new; I wrote ‘fables’ with only one sentence, and all of them had to include a twist. SomeContinue reading “On becoming third”

On graduating

I’ve graduated. Finished my Bachelor in European Studies with a specialization in English. I never thought I would one day be in that scenario. Why? Well, I did repeat a year in primary school and two in high school. In those times I was lazy, anxious and depressed, confused most of the times. I thoughtContinue reading “On graduating”

‘Beyond the Graveyard’

So, I guess the cat is out of the bag. You can find my latest short-story ‘Beyond the Graveyard’ in the Black Fountain Press-published anthology ‘Young Voices’! This story has received ‘honorable mention’ in the same-titled contest by the Luxembourgish English-only publishing house Black Fountain Press. You can buy the anthology here: CLICK HERE!


The University of Luxembourg and the Language Center held a short-story contest for students; my short-story ‘Splash’ got second place! You can read ‘Splash’ in this booklet on page 20 (11 in the online reader): https://indd.adobe.com/view/e1adf618-a567-418a-8c1d-8d414cef748e Thank you to Sandy and my creative writing group, The Writing Circle, for feedback on prior renditions of theContinue reading “‘Splash’”

on writing a novel. personal struggle.

I am writing on a novel right now. -no, not an anthology,-no, not on a collection,-no, not on anything else; a novel. That mammoth of a genre; that defining piece of any authors journey; the holy grail, Prometheus’ fire, that one cheeseburger at 3 AM after a night of Jägerbombs and gin-tonics and bitter-golden ale.Continue reading “on writing a novel. personal struggle.”